Picture of myself, circa December 2020
December 2020

Welcome to my personal homepage. I am currently holding a post-doc position in the Transport Phenomena Group of TU Delft in collaboration with Valeria Garbin, following a previous position in the corresponding Garbin Lab at Imperial College, London as part of the Department of Chemical Engineering. I am studying the non-linear properties of yield-stress fluids using oscillating bubbles.

I have formerly been a postdoc at Ens de Lyon (February 2015 - February 2018), funded by a partnership between Ens de Lyon and Solvay, to investigate the rheology of suspensions and soft materials. I have completed a previous postdoc at IRPHÉ in Marseille, France (November 2013 - November 2014) in collaboration with the Sylvain Deville (LSFC, Cavaillon) during which we directionally froze some suspensions.

I defended my PhD thesis in October 2013. I prepared it at SPEC (Saclay, France), part of the French national Atomic and Alternative Energies Commission. We studied there the dynamics of the mysterious von Karman swirling flow.

More on this in the Research tab. You can find me on Google Scholar, ResearchGate, ArXiv (here and here). I am also present on LinkedIn.

My curriculum vitae (10/2020) can be downloaded.

One page is also devoted to what I do beside work.