Caseinate sodium gels

Our collaboration with G. H. McKinley focuses on the rheological response of caseinate sodium gels under an imposed oscillatory stress (Lyon) and strain (Cambridge). The local displacement analysis of the gel provides local Lissajous-Bowditch curves highlighting ... a homogeneous response !

Lissajous-Bowditch curves (local Lissajous-Bowditch, thin coloured lines obtained using LORE) of a 6% caseinate gel under an oscillatory stress of 180 Pa.
Lissajous-Bowditch  curves (local curves obtained through echographic analysis, thin coloured line) of a 6% sodium caseinate gel under an oscillatory stress = 180 Pa and a typical strain of 60 %.

The Lissajous-Bowditch curve analysis yields interesting information on the nature (strain-hardening or softening) of these gels. We are currently looking for ways to predict gel failure from the weakly non-linear response of the gels. A publication about this is under way !

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