I bought a DSLR in 2008. Since then, I have been on a long journey to learn how to compose a frame. It is slowly taking form !

Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge
Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye
A classic picture from Mauricie National Park

Racquet sports:

I have been playing badminton for ten years, after practising tennis in my hometown for another ten years.


I bought an electric piano in 2014. I play a bit of classical and nerdy musics. Next on the list, Bach's Invention #13 in A minor and a classic theme from Undertale.

In no particular order:

I run (10 k-21 k) and swim occasionally. I enjoy watching Wes Anderson, Edgar Wright and improbable documentaries (Searching for Sugar Man, Nothingwood, Merci Patron !) ; I listen to Radiohead, Joanna Newsom and João Gilberto ; I read Gustave Flaubert and Craig Thompson when my friends are not buying me excellent yet absolutely nihilistic graphic novels. I regularly check what Karim Debbache (in French), Tony Zhou and Randall Munroe are up to, even though the former are not too active any more. I regularly attempt making perfect crepes, canelés and daal makhani.

I was also actively building competitive race tracks on Trackmania in a previous life.